Muir Woods Family Homes & Condominiums

Muir Woods is a planned development consisting of condominiums (Section One) and single family homes (Section Two) located in Indianapolis, north of 80th Street, one block west of Keystone Avenue.

The objective of the Muir Woods web page is to keep the homeowners informed about the community and to have a place where the owners can find forms and documents like the master declaration and bylaws which pertain to both section One and section Two, and other information that is specific to either section.

Please use the links to access either Section One or Section Two. Information available includes yearly budgets, board members, and committee members. Section One also has a newsletter, Woods News.

There is a homeowner’s directory for both sections that is password protected. Please contact the web master if you are interested in being able to access this online information.

Contact Information for Kirkpatrick Management Corporation Property Manager please call Brian Kavanaugh

Muir Woods